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Kieren always kisses Simon like he can’t help himself.

And Simon always kisses back like he can’t believe Kieren is real.

I’ve exhausted my tattoo headcannons now.
Kind of a continuation of this.

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Cecil’s tattoos can move ouo

Getting caught up on Welcome to Night Vale. I swear my Cecil changes every time I draw him.

They’re a couple of friggen NERDS and I love it.

Quickly beginning my descent back into weaboo trash.

If I ever had a reason to ship them, that was it.


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Progress of my newest painting

Okay. I might be a bit obsessed.

"This itch, this burn
This pain, this strain
Dealing, turned out
That we don’t need to
Help it go away
So that’s what
Leaving me
The gift you gave him

I can’t take it
I can’t take it
I can’t take it anymore”