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  • This has probably been done before. Oh well~

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  • "I can’t fix you, I can’t save you.
    It’s something you have to do.

    So i’ll let you go,
    I’ll set you free,
    And when you see what you need to see,
    When you find you,
    Come back to me.”

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  • "Take me home,
    into the bright, blue, sky.”

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  • As someone who’s had rotator cuff problems (which is a common problem among swimmers and no doubt what Sousuke has), this latest episode was particularly rough for me.

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  • Do you think you could draw adorkable (but also appropriate aged/manly) maid Rin? If you don't like that request you could always draw an OC trying to order water at what looks like a "tough guy" bar


    Aww, Rin. I’m sure you don’t mean that.
    *Momotaro voice* “C-cleavage…”

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  • Despite his cool demenor, Des is really just a big loser.

    Original character for a comic Ash and I are working on! More to come!

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  • Friggen’ NERDS.

    OC’s for a comic ash and I are working on. Gabe is on the left, and Des is on the right. More info to come!

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  • I was in a mood.

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  • I just can’t stop drawing these two.